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Meet Our Marketing Expert, Loren Simpson

Have you met Loren Simpson? If not, you can meet her today!

Loren Simpson is the founder of expLOREN Strategies. A Southern California native, she traveled South for her schooling attending both Xavier University and the University of Alabama. After graduating, she returned home and began honing her marketing skills across the industries of Entertainment, Fashion and Tourism. Loren is a mom, wife, former athlete, style enthusiast, and marketing geek. After her time with high profile clients, she switched her focus and chose to work with small businesses.

As a small business owner herself, Loren understands the struggle that comes with starting one. She knows the challenges that occur when trying to balance all aspects of your business at once, like keeping social media accounts updated, forming relationships with clients, and providing quality products/services. That’s why she started expLOREN Strategies. Loren wanted to help other small businesses by providing marketing services that are affordable for them.

She will work with your business to create an effective marketing strategy. She will look at your brand goals, benchmark your business against competitors, and implement a personalized strategy for your business.

Not sure what platform is the best for your business? Schedule a consultation with Loren. She can give you an in-depth explanation about which platforms are the most successful for your specific business and why.

Let's get #expLOREN and effectively meet your digital marketing & PR needs.

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