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How to Manage Your Business Online Reputation

Most people are familiar with how to leave a review on Yelp, Twitter or Reddit when experiencing a product or service; however, it’s not common to discuss how a business should react to those responses.

Businesses should try and interact with customers leaving both positive and negative reviews online. The benefit to engaging with both types of customers is building rapport with your clientele. Responding to individuals' comments reflects the respect you hold for those customers and their time, leaving reviews on your business.

The person in your company in charge of online reputation management (ORM) should be aware of the three T’s in a proper response.

Three T’s:

  • Timeliness

  • Transparency

  • Training

When a business interacts with an online review positive or negative, they should do so within a reasonable time within the initial post. A busy schedule is understandable, but people's impressions on your company are solidified through time. Ensure that your responses are transparent. Thank those praising you by showing your appreciation for their business, and accept blame and recognize/own the ramifications needed to improve your services when necessary. Whatever response is appropriate, be sure that there is an order of operations when developing a response to a customer’s initial post. Have a general guideline set in place for positive praise so it doesn’t take as long to reply to comments. On the other end make sure you have a respectable way to acknowledge your company's mistakes and take ownership for any unpleasant experience your customers may have had.

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