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Helping Your Small Business Achieve Success on Instagram

At expLOREN, we are a strong marketing team with experience to help your small business achieve success. There are a variety of steps that we will guide you through to help achieve success.

  • Use hashtags

  • Promote Instagram posts on other platforms

  • Link products to Instagram with the shops feature

  • Make your Instagram Account a Business Profile

  • Utilize Influencer Marketing


Hashtags are a great way to promote your posts and get more people to view them. Using hashtags can put your posts on the explore page and get more views from the right audiences. Your hashtags should be related to your post so people who follow those hashtags can see your posts.

When it comes to SEO key terms, putting hashtags in blog titles can help bring traffic to your posts. This is because Google has enabled hashtags to be used in the search bar, and searching for these hashtags will bring up all the blogs and posts that have used them in their titles. Using hashtags in the google search bar is also growing more and more popular, so this is a great way that marketers can grow their business.

Hashtags & SEO Keywords

By using hashtags properly on social media you are able to allow for a steady flow of referral traffic to your website, hence SEO terms. Once you master SEO keywords and how to properly use hashtags, you’ll find the two work well together in garnering traffic to your business. When selecting your keywords, be sure to think like your target market. What words would they use to locate a business like yours?

Instagram on Other Platforms

A great way to achieve success is to promote Instagram posts on other platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. This way, more people who may be potentially interested in your business will see these posts.

Link Products to Instagram With the Shop Feature

If your business is selling products online, Instagram makes it convenient for users to buy your products right off the site. Companies can also tag products in their posts which adds to the convenience factor of selling products directly on Instagram.

Make Your Instagram Account a Business Profile

It is essential that you make your Instagram account a business profile so you can see the analytics of posts. For instance, you can see when your followers are most active and how many times your posts have been saved and reposted. The business profile provides you with tools to promote your content at the best possible times and get more engagement.

Utilize Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing can help your company cater to your target audience. You would need to find an influencer with a fanbase that values products that you sell so you can cater to potential customers. The influencer should also have followers that actively engage with their posts and are loyal to them so they will be more likely to buy the products that are promoted by them.

These are just a few ways that expLOREN can help you market your business on Instagram. With these tips, your small business is bound to be a big success!

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