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3 Ways to Increase Website Success

  1. Have your “Call to Action” above the fold

Your call to action is the reason your visitors are on your website. Whether it be to buy a product or service, your call to action should be prominent and easily accessible on the first screen available to your visitors.

  1. Follow General Website Patterns

If your website has a search bar, put it in a generally accepted spot. If you have a tab to link to your consumer's profile, place that tab in the top right hand corner. The purpose for reusing these generally accepted placements for website design is for user friendliness. If your website is beautifully designed, without these generally accepted placements and access points, it can be frustrating for users and could increase your bounce rate.

  1. Make Your Website Inviting

Does your website make people want to stay and browse around? Does it contain images, video clips, or interactive material pertinent to your product or service. As your website is supposed to be informative, it is also a way to make a first impression on your customers. This should be something welcoming with structure and thoughtfulness. You want them to understand their call to action above the fold, and then be curious to see what else your company has to offer.

  1. Make Yourself Known

Make sure the minute someone (a potential client) hits your website, they know who you are and what service(s) you provide. Above the fold we should see your logo and a few quick bullets about what you do and info on how to connect.

These bullets should include

  • What your company does

  • How your company stands out from everyone else

  • What you want the potential customer to do (CTA)

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